Forgiving Abuse; The central theme of ‘When I Was Twelve, It Rained Frogs’

remy keith:

If you have not yet read the book, you may purchase it through Amazon or directly from the publisher: Friesenpress.

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One of the central themes in the book, “When I Was Twelve, It Rained Frogs” is the issue of forgiveness.  Only by forgiving those who hurt us can we hope to move on and live our lives.

Every day we read about the horrors of child abuse and neglect and the resultant effects on the victims as they pass into adulthood.  Many become addicted to drugs and alcohol, many turn to self-destructive behavior by becoming prostitutes or criminals, still more, sadly, become abusers themselves.  In every case, these abused children carry the horrors of their childhood with them.  Some rely on their abuse as a crutch or an excuse for the way in which their lives are going.  Still others do not realize that they are scarred psychically and believe that they can simply leave it in the past and forget about it.  They deal with the symptoms of their…

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